The future is today

Planning for our kids’ education and play for today and tomorrow is of the utmost importance in protecting our quality of life here in San Marcos. 

The San Marcos Unified School District is consulted on all new housing BEFORE any approvals are granted. To show their commitment to our kids and teachers, the property owner has already donated $150,000 to the Discovery Elementary PTO.  This type of investment, along with their ability to assist the City and SMUSD with locating additional school sites is extremely valuable to the on-going performance of the District.

Click HERE to read the letter from SMUSD.

What’s at stake?

  • More money for operating schools.
    • An additional $550,000 per year in student fees.  This, along with the fees generated from Rancho Tesoro, generates over $9 Million over a 5-year period to operate schools.
  • More money for constructing schools.
    • An additional $1.6 Million CFD will contribute to additional school construction on top of the $5 Million from Rancho Tesoro residents to SMUSD.

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