word on the street

1. SMUSD is unable to accommodate any more new students.

FALSE – San Marcos Unified School District has confirmed that it CAN accommodate the additional students generated from these new homes. Click here to read their letter of approval. 

2. New homes would cause a massive increase in traffic.

FALSE – The commercial project allowed under the property's current zoning would add 60% more traffic than these new homes. 

3. Fire evacuation is an issue here. This new development will make evacuation even more challenging.

FALSE – The San Marcos Fire Department reviewed and approved this housing for safety and compliance with crucial fire safety and fuel modification zone requirements.  

5. We don’t need this housing type in San Marcos. 

5. FALSE – These homes will begin selling in the high $300,000s, opening up an opportunity for current San Marcos renters to become homeowners. In addition, it provides an attainable option for hard-working, moderate income families. 

4. It’s too late, I already signed the Petition.

FALSE – You have the option to remove your name from the petition. Click here to request a Signature Recision Form.